365 Theme #226: PORTRAIT

This is my favorite portrait

Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand


26 thoughts on “365 Theme #226: PORTRAIT

  1. She is beautiful in her own right. It shows the wisdom and life experiences she made. A little bit tired but aren’t we all. We’re all going to be like her one of this days. the question is, ” Am I going to look as good, as wised, as fulfilled as this woman?” Food for thought. great picture.

  2. I love to see old women/men portrait. I love to see the lines in their face. It tell story about that person’s journey through life. Nice shot for this one!

  3. She has a wonderful face, and you’ve captured it.
    But I wonder what she’s thinking. I think it isn’t available, that her expression is enigmatic, and it’s up to us to guess — but we can’t know for sure.

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