Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

This was taken at Itogon Mountains in Baguio City, Philippines. I always wanted to go back to this place  and re-shoot everything because the time I went there and took this photo I wasn’t in a good condition (physically).

Weekly Photo Challenge for Week 08-05-11


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

  1. beautiful, but look at how “kalbo” the mountains are. thanks jesse for this one. i think that all pinoy photographers need to take photos and publish them worldwide to tell the world our denuded forest to call the attention of our government to act on it. there will be more landslides and mudslides and and combination in deadly flashfloods in the future as CDO.

    1. thank you My Pinoy World. This area is where they mine golds, the more it makes the area dangerous.
      I agree with you. PInoy Photogs should unite and promote the wonders we call Philippine. I wish I would have more opportunity to do that too. but as an OFW, I am limited.

    1. Thank you Cecelia, I am afraid this is not one of those “touristy” place. The roads are not even cemented. I went there to visit some relatives. But Baguio City is one of the tourist friendly place in Philippines. I hope you visit it.

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