16 thoughts on “Repopulating

  1. I really love this nature photo Jesse. You are a very talented photographer. And nature rocks! Also, thanks for dropping by my blog and subscribing. It led me to your beautiful blog. I’ve enjoyed exploring it. :)

  2. I don’t know but what the blogs I ended up opening today were almost all about little wonders. Thing is, I’d be starting my kind series about little wonders (which are my favorite subjects actually) anytime soon and I must say I’m like really inspired more and more. Great photo by the way! Of course, you’re a pro! ;-)

    1. Thank you Sony. But I still doesn’t consider myself a PRO, sometimes am even shy to say I am an amateur photog.
      A traveler like you have a lot of opportunity to click so am sure your heading the right direction. Keep Shooting!

  3. The clarity of the image is wonderful. Everything is sharp, colourful and in focus. I love nature photographs and this is of a high standard. thank you for sharing.
    Can I ask what camera/lens you used to capture this image?

    1. Many thanks Kate. Nature is my second fave. I don’t know whats the first. LOL
      I am using Nikon D40x for all my photos. I took this one using the 55-200mm lens.
      1/200 sec at F/5.3
      Manual Priority
      Exposure bias -2/3 EV
      ISO 400
      Focal Length 150mm

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