“It’s more FUN in the Philippines” Series

The Philippines’ Department of Tourism (DOT) launches the new tourism slogan and it has gone viral even for a very short time it has been introduce to the public. A lot of photos bearing the new slogan are now floating on the net as a support to this campaign.

The new slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” promotes my home country as a better tourist destination. So as my contribution to the country’s new brand name, here is the beginning of the many series of photos to come. Which reminds to take a vacation and go back home to take more photos.

Good luck to DOT! and may you keep this campaign afloat forever.
To my fellow Filipinos; Let us support our country’s new slogan. Add the slogan to your photos to promote Philippines.
And to my fellow foreign friends; May Philippines be on your next travel plans.



8 thoughts on ““It’s more FUN in the Philippines” Series

  1. Ow, so this is the DOT buzz that I’ve been hearing…

    I see myself there during childhood.
    That’s a very outstanding capture, Jesse.

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