Don’t take my photo


14 thoughts on “Don’t take my photo

  1. Looks like the subway or a bus? I love shots like these… especially with all the security in public places lately; the adrenaline rush is there as we quickly try to snag a shot in a public space. I love them! :-)

  2. I’ve always wanted to know what the rules are regarding photographing someone, do you have to obtain permission? Maybe she wasn’t where she said she would be and didn’t want to get found out….aren’t I cynical?

    1. @Takingsnaps, we are on the same boat actually. only lately that I am braving on this. I have read a lot and ask a lot of people. Some would say you really need to ask permission especially if you are in a place or country that is not your own. Some would say just snap away and if they reacted negatively then you gotta stop.

      Personally? I do a little bit of both although most of the time I do stolen. because that’s really my goal… to capture them off guard. that’s why most of my street shots are faceless.

      My advice is to always wear your running shoes and just snap away. Keep shooting!

      1. Yes it’s a difficult one. I don’t mind asking people but then the shot isn’t natural. Then if I get a good one I don’t really know what the rules are with regards publishing it on the web. I think I’ll google it and invest in some running shoes!!! Love the phot though!!

      2. totally agree with you. but generally i think if you are using it commercially. you need a model release. but for fun or personal use i dont think its a biggie.

    1. Nope Angeline. she just look away when I put the cam in my eyes. I was hesitant after that, but it makes it look more dramatic. so I snap away.

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