9 thoughts on “Gallery 1

  1. I stumbled upon your photo blog by mistake and I have to say “wow, just wow!” Beautiful job! Do you have any advice for an amature photographer aspiring to do more than keeping her DSLR on the auto setting? Love the layout of this galkery as well! Very clean and professional! I look forward to viewing more amazing work by you as time goes on.


    1. Hi Tina,
      Thank you for the kind words, just like you i am just an amateur and a hobbyist. The first thing i did when i started is familiarized myself with my DSLR, know all the functions and the uses. Don’t be afraid to try all of them you can always rest the settings to default in case you’re not sure of the changes you just did. And keep in mind that photos has no boundaries.
      Happy shooting!

    1. thank you frizz!
      not so much. i created a page and on the right upper side we have an option either VISUAL or HTML. i use HTML. and googled some html code. downside is i had to manually update the gallery every time i uploaded a photo.

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