I would like thank everyone for supporting this blog and all my photos.

As you know I am an Amateur Photographer, and even though I have been taking photos for 3 years (almost 4… on Feb 2012) I still feel that I have so much more to learn and so much more experience to gain. So it is very heartwarming to read all the kind words you have written in my posts.

I created this page to ask feedback, comments and criticism about my work OR if you want you can just ask me about anything.

Again, from the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU ALL!!!


  1. HI! Thanks for checking out my site and following. I am a few days into this and it’s encouraging to have people already checking out my pics. Your pictures are amazing and inspiring. I have always used a plain old point and shoot digital or my old minolta that requires actual film.I purchased my first “real” camera (with two lenses!!) last week and I can’t wait for it to get here! I look forward to seeing more of your pictures. Thanks for following me :)

    1. Many thanks Jennifer. Thanks for dropping by, I always wanted a film camera since i was young. Good luck on your new camera. The key is to familiarized yourself with all the functions. Looking forward.

  2. Thanks for following my blog. Your blog is so impressive, I’m a newbie and am hoping to improve with time. I really love your photography and my aim is to improve….even if I have said I’ll just take a quick snap a day, it’s really got me hooked, having said that it’s early days. I hope I don’t give up!!!
    I shall definately be following your blog and keeping an eye on your photos.
    Thanks again

  3. EXCELLENT PICTURES!!! I am a hobbyist myself and always on the look for inspirations. Will be following you!

    I would like to know, from where do you get these weekly challenges? Or you come up with them yourself. :\

  4. Hi Jesse!

    Thank you so much for your recent comments on my blog AND for then subscribing. I appreciate it!

    Re: equipment. I shoot with two Nikon D300s (would love to upgrade eventually, but for now, I’m happy with these). I have a large assortment of Nikon glass, but most of my garden photography work, particularly the closeups, are shot with the Nikkor 105mm micro, which is my favorite lens of all time, for obvious reasons.

    I shoot almost exclusively in manual mode, especially with macro. You have so much control over depth of field, bokeh, etc. If you don’t already shoot in manual, and want to get better, learn it inside and out. It changed my life when I finally got into it! Another thing is that I ALWAYS use a tripod when I’m shooting flowers and insects, unless I happen to be out with my camera and forgot to bring it—but if I purposely go out to photograph in a local garden (or even my own), I am NEVER without the tripod. It will change your life, too, if you don’t already use one. That’s one way I get the sharpest images! Combine using the tripod, learning manual and really knowing your depth of field ratios, and shooting in overcast or diffused light (better for virtually any subject, really), will allow very saturated colors in your flowers. I do a bit of post-processing on all images in Photoshop, such as some sharpened and controlling contrast. All images need sharpening after shooting, as you well know.

    I started out as a fine artist/painter before getting into photography, so that’s part of the reason my compositions are strong (in my opinion). And always diffusing the light or shooting on overcast days makes my images better. Yes, sometimes a garden in sunlight is beautiful to photograph, but the one thing that sets my work apart from some other garden photographs is the saturation of colors due to overcast light. Everything is sharper, colors more saturated and you don’t get the deep shadows that sunlight will cast.

    Feel free to ask anything you want—I’ll try my best to answer! Hey, loved your bio/questions—lots of fun answers there!

    How did you stumble onto my blog? I’m always curious how people find it! Where are you located? Do you shoot professionally? What subjects are your favorite?



    http://www.cindydyer.zenfolio.com (my botanical gallery)

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Thank you for dropping by my blog and the message. thank you for the tips especially the diffusing lights.
      Saw your blog from one of the blogs I’m following.
      I am currently here in Thailand, just a hobbyist. am using a basic DSLR (Nikon D40X). i just shoot about anything, i am always “themeless” when it comes to shooting. just pressing that shutter makes me happy already.

      I haven’t actually decided what kind of photography to focus on but i really love to do street photography except that i am very shy doing it. scared might be the correct term. Any tips for me?

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