The Photographer

A Portrait of Myself

Photography Hobbyist, I started  February of 2008, and still shooting up to date. My most interest falls on capturing moments that depicts emotions. I believe in every capture I make, a part of me goes with it.

This is me and this is how I view the world I live in. I hope you enjoy viewing my photos. Comments and criticism are always welcome.

Location: Samut Sakorn, Thailand

33 thoughts on “The Photographer

  1. Hi, Thanks for the recent visit and subscription to my blog, A Traveller’s Tale. I’m glad I discovered your blogsite as well. Regards.

  2. Nice to meet you Jesse! Thanks for stopping by my blog and subscribing. Nothing better than meeting new blogging friends and kindred spirits. Best wishes in 2012! Off to nose around your site. Margie

    1. Many thanks Cecilia! I missed this message. I am very glad to have found the time to update my blog. thank you for constantly dropping by.

  3. Thanks for your subscription to my blog, Jesse. I have had a quick look at your photography and love your interpretations.

  4. Amazing captures, Jesse. I have always enjoyed photography and finally trying to get serious about it, as a hobby. Your work is truly an inspiration. Thank you.

  5. Nice to meet you Jesse, and thanks for subscribing to my blog. I love your photographs.
    Just going to have a look at your Pets section now, as I love animals.

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